Hi! I’m Adrian.  It’s great to connect with you.

I bring 8 years of creative marketing experience gathered from a variety of environments such as a Fortune 500 company, a private-gone-public e-commerce company, the food and beverage industry, small businesses, and a social media agency.  My optimistic curiosity, and innovative drive to create engaging experiences online and offline, make me a “Jill-of-all-trades” when it comes to marketing. An environment where I holistically combine my work experience and share my passion for a sustainable, socially-conscious life is where I thrive




I’m a U.S.Citizen, and a permanent resident of Canada

I find beauty in everything… and I mean everything!

I have not eaten meat in over 26 years!

Audio books are my jam

Trying to keep things local these days

I value natural beauty and natural ingredients

My husband and I met on a plane to Las Vegas

I’m a Pisces through-and-through

I have a college degree in Interior Design

I always style my food

Obsessed with coffee and homemade nut milks

I’m on my yoga mat 3x a week (sometimes just in savasana)

I love a good bar of pure, dark chocolate

I love grocery shopping (especially at Whole Foods)

You can find me spending hours in a book store or library